Hello! We’re the Friends of Norbury Hall Park

Friends of Norbury Hall Park clean-up day February 2020

The Friends of Norbury Hall Park are a small but enthusiastic group of local residents keen to see the much-loved Squirrel Park reach its full potential, as a welcoming park for everyone to enjoy.

We are fairly new, established in just 2017. Since then we have been working closely with the local community, Croydon Council, local businesses and groups to revive the park and ensure its clean, well-maintained and open for all.

We’ve made a good start. A number of paths around the park have been mended or replaced. New bins have been installed, which should go some way to dealing with the litter problem in the park. Currently, the old toilet block is in the process of being refurbished.

We have some really ambitious plans for the park including installing a new play area.

If you can help us deliver these ambitions we would love to hear from you. Email us info@norburyhallpark.org.uk

Meet the Friends

Ian, our Chair
Ian is one of the founding fathers of The Friends of Norbury Hall Park. A local Norbury resident for over 30 years, he is well-known locally as he is the driving force behind SERA (Scots Estate Norbury Residents’ Association) and was instrumental in the creation of the Love Norbury initiative.

Natasha, Secretary

Natasha joined The Friends of Norbury Hall Park when she moved to the area from Streatham in 2018. With a young daughter, she was a little sad at how the local greenspaces were not fulfilling the needs of the local community. With a professional background in funding parks and greenspaces, she felt she could help release the untapped potential of Norbury Hall Park. She was delighted to discover others felt the same.

John, Deputy Chair











A resident of Norbury for more than three decades, John is one of many dog walkers who use Norbury Hall Park on a daily basis. And when not walking his dogs he can usually be found jogging through the park as part of a one-mile circuit including Craignish Avenue, London Road and Ederline Avenue that doesn’t cross a single road. As a regular park user he particularly appreciates the litter-picking sessions organised by the Friends of Norbury Hall Park – and of course joins in!

The Gardening Group

The park has a very active and sociable gardening group. They meet once a month, to tend the plants and shrubs in the beds closest to Norbury Hall and the park’s feature cedar tree.

Regardless of your experience, everyone is welcome to join Marie and the team. Find out when the next session is email info@norburyhallpark.org.uk